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Washington Consortium Conference

Please join us for this celebration of literary and interdisciplinary work by DC area graduate students.  Organized by graduate students at American University, this annual conference brings together MA and PhD students from American University,  Georgetown University, and University of Maryland.

Washington Consortium Conference

Spring 2019

Updates will be posted soon.

2017 Inaugural Washington Consortium Conference
Saturday September 30, 2017
9 am -5 pm, Humanities Lab, Battelle-Tompkins 228



The Humanities Truck

How do we transform the landscape around us through stories, images, memories, and experiences? In this discussion, Professor Dan Kerr introduces an innovative project for truly mobilizing the humanities!

The Humanities Truck 

Dan Kerr, Nina Shapiro-Perl, Juliana Martinez
Wednesday April 8, 2014, 1 p.m.
Battelle-Tompkins 228



How do we mobilize the humanities, and connect with the community in ways that are innovative, uncharted, and truly on the move? Functioning as a mobile workshop, recording studio, and exhibit space, the Humanities Truck will document experiences, start conversations, and share the stories of diverse, underserved communities in the Washington, DC, region. For this lunchtime roundtable discussion, the interdisciplinary team of faculty behind this exciting project will present their first projects and aims. As an experimental mobile platform for collecting, preserving, and expanding dialogue around the humanities, the Humanities Truck will work with specific micro-communities throughout the region, in order to recognize and enhance the existing cultural creativity in communities that are typically devalued, and foster imaginative new ways of addressing community challenges in the midst of rapid urban change.


Update, 2018: The Humanities Truck Project began as an idea that was cultivated by one of the Humanities Lab’s very first working groups.  Today the Lab and the Truck work closely together to mobilize the humanities at American University and throughout Washington, DC.  To find out more about the current initiatives and projects related to the Humanities Truck  please visit their new website:










Working Group Applications are here!

The Humanities Lab working groups provide faculty, students and  members of the American University community with an opportunity to meet each other and share work on common topics. You can apply to coordinate or start a new working group at any time. You can find the application of this website as a Word document or a PDF, or you can fill in the online form at the AU website.

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