Energy | 2016-2017


 Each year the Humanities Lab undertakes an investigation of a specific question or topic. For the 2016-2017 academic year  we are investigating questions of energy, especially focusing on interdisciplinary and cultural perspectives.

Join us for one event or for the whole series! All events are free and open to the public.


In this series of linked lectures, readings, workshops, and discussions we will focus on the concept of energy. We will explore major contemporary approaches to energy use, the environmental impact of energy, and our changing approaches to energy needs, conservation, and design.  We will also hear from researchers in emerging fields such as Energy Humanities, who approach the critical questions of our relationship to materials, fuels, and resources as informed not just by science or policy but also by human cultures, traditions, and philosophies. In their interdisciplinary, critical, and historical perspectives about energy forms we discover the role the humanities and social sciences can play in informing  policy and public awareness of our energy uses.


Fall 2016

Karen Pinkus, “Fuel: History of a Strange Concept”

Lindsey Green-Simms, “Cruising the Petro-state:  Car Culture and Nigerian Cinema”

Imre Szeman “After Oil: Transitioning to a New World of Energy”


Spring 2017

Arielle Bernstein “The Energy of Objects”

Evan Berry, “The Idea of Nature”

NASA, “Seeing Earth/ Getting to Mars”