How do we transform the landscape around us through stories, images, memories, and experiences? Join us for a lecture by David Pike on new urban geographies.

Geocaching: An Interdisciplinary Community Project

Wednesday, February 11th, 2014

12 p.m.
Battelle-Tompkins 228





For this project Professor Pike is introducing the AU community to geocaching, a collaborative project that connects physical and virtual space. Using mobile apps and maps, students from participating classes will “seed” the American University campus and other locations in the DC area with geocaches, and invite the community to find and respond to these hidden treasure troves. In addition to physical artifacts, historical materials, and clues for more interaction, geocaches will include stories, poems, and artwork, and elements that are real, imaginary, past, or lost. After the introductory lecture and workshop, follow-up events will extend this project throughout the semester— with the participation of graduate and undergraduate students and faculty from multiple departments and programs including literature, public history, world languages and cultures, art history, creative writing, arts management, college writing, film and visual media, philosophy and religion, graphic design, and computer science.



About our speaker:

 Geocachingtalk2Feb2015300x3003David Pike is a professor of literature at American University, and the author of major books in urban studies, modernism, cinema, and comparative literature.








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