About us

Our Mission

The Humanities Lab was founded in 2014,  on the understanding that the humanities offer modes of investigation that facilitate an active critical engagement with the world, an engagement with texts, contexts and ideas that is lively, ongoing, experimental, and open-ended. By engaging with a diverse range of worldviews and with the active questions of both past and present, the humanities function as a cultural laboratory, as a site of interrogation and discovery.

We envision the Humanities Lab as a research hub that will organize and inspire new research activity on campus. Functioning as the coordinating entity for a diverse research agenda, the Humanities Lab will support new projects such as the Humanities Truck, function as an incubator for new ideas, enable new modes of community outreach, and create a dynamic web presence for the Humanities at American University and the Washington DC community.




  • Despina Kakoudaki


Advisory Board

  • Naomi Baron
  • Kathleen Franz
  • Dan Kerr
  • Richard Sha
  • Peter Starr